About this site


Since August of 2007, we have been cataloging paranormal photographs and videos.    We have been absolutely compelled to get out and capture this phenomenon in all weather conditions because of their incredible nature. 

The images appear in various shapes and sizes, and also seem to be making "Intelligent Designs".   We feel Orbs are Benevolent Spirits that are little balls of light that watch, like little vehicles that watch. Representative of civilizations who are observing us as we go through these throes of planetary birth.   We can feel their presence and believe they are Benevolent Spirits here to help our planet raise the level of our consciousness.

These Benevolent Beings could awaken the world to the previously unknown.  The hour is upon us to enlighten the world to their existence and help awaken humanity to its calling. We would welcome any information or possible interpretation for study to see if these beings could be sending messages for humanity at a time when help is needed.

We have created a page on our website for viewer's submissions of orb and other paranormal photographs.  We received many amazing photos from people in Australia that sparked this idea.

If you have any photos that you would like to be published, we would welcome your submissions.  Our e-mail address is BenevolentSpirits@yahoo.com. Please let us know if you would like to be credited for the photo, or would prefer to remain anonymous.  Also, we would love to hear any experiences you may have encountered dealing with this phenomenon.


Linda & Larry